Does the US Make Me Sick??

Back in Australia I had been to the DR many times.  I’d had a couple of blood tests, a tonsilectomy and a wisdom teeth extraction.  Not too sick at all .. the odd cold .. but that was it.  Since being in the US I have had

1.  5 Blood Tests (step throat, suspected mono, any other aliment I could goodle and self-diagnose)

2.  Sonogram (suspected breast cancer)

3.  Mamogram (again for breast cancer)

4.  X-Ray

5.  CT Scan

6.  Pap Smear

7.  Coloscopy

8.  Audiology test

9.  Seen a GP, Eyes, Ears & Nose DR, audiologist, Foot DR, Foot brace doctor, gynocologist.

Is it that I am just getting old .. or is the US making me sick? Im always coming down with a cold, swollen lymph nodes, freaking out that some disease is killing me …. am I healthier in Australia?  Is it the air .. the less people .. that I have people to look after me through nutrition, love and support.  I have plenty of love and support here but I guess its not the same as your Nans home cooking, or your mums concern or just feeling like you are not alone … if you are sick there are always people to count on.  I dont doubt my friends are there when I get sick here but theres nothing like your family to make you feel better even when you really dont.  I had a biopsy today .. and Im also sick with blocked sinuses, cough and core throat .. again freaking out by self diagnosing and feeling alone in my apartment.  Maybe the US is making me sick.

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I’m Back and brought the Rain with me!!


So I created this blog so everyone would be up to date with my life .. more so than the once a month emails that were ceasing to exist.  So since I last wrote a lot has happened.  I headed back home to Australia for 6 weeks .. 3 weeks in Melbourne, 1 week in Queensland and 1 week in Canberra.  It was great to be home to see everyone and it was nice to be back and relax.

I got back to New York mid May and it was very hard to get back into the swing of things.  Feelings of home sickness, unability to get my body clock back, problems with work made me feel that maybe I should have stayed in Melbourne .. although when I was there all I wanted to do was come back to New York (my home now of four years).  I found my feet in the last few weeks .. but then lost it again over the weekend.  Ahh such is the ebb of life …………….

Most of you will know I have begun an online Expat Magazine called ‘The Goss’ . You can get to it at Ive been having issues with work conflicts, registering as a business, realising how expensive and time consuming it is, conflicts on my Visa .. All in all I’m feeling a little lost and hopeless at the moment which I know is selfish.  Everyone has been so encouraging and supportive and my dream keeps getting bigger and bigger – but this seems to make everything harder and harder.  And you all know what Im like that means I over analyze everything and dwell on every little problem and give up before Ive even begun. 

BUT this time Im going to try and just break down those walls and continue to work towards my goal no matter how down on it I get.  Its strange because before this weekend came I had gone for weeks and weeks not letting anything get me down or shift my focus and felt so in control.  I kept saying to people something bad has to happen everything has been too good .. like Amy Lee says in her song “Im still waiting for the rain to fall pour real life down on me cause I cant hold on to anything this good”.  So the rain has fallen .. I need someone with an umberella ella ella ella ey ey ey (I love that song no matter what Steve says).  A few other things in my personal life have also gone arie (is that the spelling of the word!?) .. but the sun always shines after the rain .. so bring it on..

Ok enough with my whining .. Im going to try and keep this blog up to date .. but as the title says no promises ..  and hopefully no more whinning.

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Cyote Ugly

cyote ugly

Nothing too much new to report .. pretty much back to my old self!!! .. except that I finally got to dance on the bar at Cyote Ugly!!! So it wasnt as wild as on the movie .. and no cool songs .. I danced to Hey Baby by No Doubt .. but I did make $13 .. might have found myself a new career!!

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Conor has Arrived ..

So Anne has left the apartment and Conor has moved in. Both of you have been amazing the past few days while I have been sick so I can not thank-you enough for your understanding and the way you have taken care of things yourselves!! Anne you are an amazing person and were amazing to live with!! I will miss you but we are only around the corner from each other so I will be seeing you at karaoke – and you have to help me drag Conor there .. he thinks he doesnt sing lol .. we will change that!!!

I am feeling heaps better and thank everybody who has thought of me .. sent me messages .. you guys are incredibble!! Tomorrow I see the ear docotor again .. and he is going to drain the fluid. The pain has subsided and today I didnt take any pain killers!!! I managed to properly wash and dry my hair so I am feeling half normal again! Once my cold sores are gone and my ear is drained I wont know myself! I may be having a welcome back to the world party next Thursday @ Cabin Fever with karaoke but depending on how my progress goes it may be next week but Ill keep you all posted!!!!

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I’ve Been Tagged!

So I’m IT thanks to Mick  .. basically from his last blog entry ..  I have to answer 5 things people may not know about me …. so here goes .. and hopefully people dont think I’m too weird (well weirder than I already am)….:

1.  Im Scared of Aliens

Yeap … doesnt matter if they do or dont exist Im really scared of them.  My friend Kara says I was abducted but I dont buy it … they dont exist .. and if they do please dont come and abduct me to prove it ….

2.  I collect movie tickets

Every movie I have seen since 1992 I have the movie stub of.  Even if it is fading I have still kept everyone .. from all over the world!!

3.  My life is like a music video

Everyday walking down the street I think about the perfect music video to the song thats playing and pretend that Im in it.  So if you saw me wistfully looking in the deli window, staring longingly down 3rd avenue .. smiling getting on the train at 77th Street .. its just music video acting … the camera’s are on there way!

4.  I want to make a music compliation of funeral songs

Ok its not so weird just hear me out …. when people are dealing with that type of an emotional situation they often dont think clearly .. Music is a huge part of my life and has more meaning than most things.  The nicest thing I saw at a funeral was my friend had this song for her dad that really meant something .. and it has stayed with me and I want to make a cd compliation to sell to funeral homes to make it easier for people to choose memorable music for their loves ones.  Ok funerals are morbid but its your last chance to say goodbye to your loved one .. I may move onto weddings, baby showers etc!!!

5.  People steal my ideas without even knowing it!

I have an overactive imagination and when Im asleep at night I think of all the ways I could get myself onto TV shows or things I could do to get famous .. one in high school was designing my own lingere .. now everybody does it .. then it was writing my own book first year uni .. now every does it .. then I thought I should play a cop on Ramsey Street .. Blair becomes a cop .. then I thought Blue Heelers should have an unsworn – thatI should play … and then they got one!!  How does this keep happening!  Im sure number 4 will be next!!!

Ok there ya go .. hope I lived up to the challenge .. there are probably worse things you dont know about me .. but there the reason you dont know it! U suck Mick by the way!

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Updating …

So Australia Day was fun .. work and then bar tending for the Ambassador’s Aus Day function. Then we headed to the NY Magpies party at Tonic.  It wasnt as good as a few years ago when I was there last but it was still fun .. ran into heaps of people I knew which was great to catch up and made some new friends too .. so all in all it was pretty good! .. Then Sunday came ..

I was in bed all day Sunday, Monday, Tuesday .. tried to go to work Weds … ended up at the doctor Weds afternoon.  I thought it was just a really bad cold or something .. but my ear was actually trying to kill me .. talk about pain!  Long story short I have strep throat and in addition a viral ear infection .. these also both caused to large cold sores.  Because of where the infection is in my hear I am not allowed to sing, talk, cough, sneeze etc incase I burst my ear drum .. if being sick was enough!  So Im trying recover with sleep, lots of drugs and rest .. thank-you to everyone who has been thinking of me and has helped me the last few days hopefully the next week will bring health…. and me singing again … 😦

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Freaking Out

I have an over-active imagination …. anyone seen my pink elephant Stampy?

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dancing koalaaussie flagaboriginal flag

Happy Australia Day Everybody !!!!!!!  There will be many stories to tell tomoz I am sure!! The beer is waiting!!

 But please also reflect that Australia Day wasn’t actually a Happy Day as my good friend Cameron tells me about his people and survival Day .. please remember the inncodent Aboriginal people that lost their lives that day …

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Snow is Falling & the Curtain has Fallen on Australia Week 07

gday usa 

We have had a few little snow showers and the weather has finally (not like I was looking forward to it) reached the freezing point. Out have come hats and scarves and I bought a new red coat .. I really stand out in the sea of black coats New Yorkers seem to love!!

So Australia Week has also come to an end .. and hopefully there is an end to the 11 and 1:30am working days! But it was alot of fun and through the stress, ministers, mp’s, hotel reservations, taxi’s, papwerwork, phone calls and crazyness I hope I have learnt some valuable skills and feel I did play a part in something really important for Australia. I was fortunte enough to go to some of the events. The first was the Ford Supermodel of the year .. the DJ was AWESOME! .. but I dont think I will go to anoher Fashion Show .. the girls look like monsters on a converyer belt .. they just looked so young and walked so strangely. All of the Fashions were from Aussie Designers so that was fantastic but its a too un-natural world for me .. although give me a 100 thousand dollars more and ill loose 100 thousand pounds and there is a black dress I would love to have from the show!!

The second event I went to was the Penfolds American Australian Association Black Tie Gala .. which I didnt know I was attending till the day before (thank goodness I found a dress for $25 dollars the night before!!). I first saw the sound check for Olivia Newton-John which was such a great experience!! My role for the night was letting people in .. or keeping them out (hehe it was fun being a door bitch I almost didnt let the Pratt family in .. hey I didnt know who they were!!). I happened to be standing letting people in when Hugh Jackman came in and the press went mad .. I was standing there basking in the flashing lights (secretly pretending it was for me… hmm one day) when I realised I should be working .. so look for me … still doing the extra work in any piccies you see of Hugh in the press this week – I mite be there!! But he did walk past me and say “Hi .. how are you” (better Kirsty than we did at Disney!!) .. but didnt stop to have a chat! So I just gave him a Big smile .. anyway so then it was dinner and speeches time … I still dont get why people pay all that money for mini mini food .. although the hazelnut cream pastry dessert was to die for! I managed to talk to Olivia after she performed (review to come in gigs) and got some singing tips and a pic:


On the Saturday was the Irwin’s / Wiggles show. I had met the Irwins (so down to Earth and Bob and Bindi are sooo cute!), Crocmen and Wiggles at the Hotel and they seemed like a great bunch of people so I went along to the show. Dyl was in hospital and I had asked him and Mel to go .. so I was all alone :(. But the show was awesome .. Terry is soo funny and the Crocmen – well they do claim to be saving the world without wearing tights .. they could come and save me anytime time day or night lol. The Wiggles are amazing!! Soooo funny .. and such a great presence on stage and just looking at all the little people bopping along and madly passing roses to Dorothy I now undestand their appeal!! I really enjoyed it .. a review to follow in gigs!!!

So that was Australia Week 2007 .. although Australia Day is still to follow this Friday .. its time now to sleep and get back to passports boooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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The Great Australian Duck Race!!

rubber ducky

I am now the proud Mother Goose of four ducks!! They will be racing in the Great Australian Duck race at 12.45 on January 26 in the Yarra River. See

to understand my mad ravings .. but everyone please cheer for my duckies .. or think of them on the day .. quack!

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